Oily Water Separators (OWS)

Victor Marine’s bilge oily water separators are specially engineered for the marine environment. Victor Marine have been supplying systems for over 80 years and have installed over 7000 units. Combining the long experience and the latest technologies, Victor Marine have developed oily water separators which ensure reliability, maintainability, affordability and compliance with the latest IMO regulation MEPC 107(49).


System Benefits

  • Fully compliant with IMO regulation MEPC 107(49).
  • Easy to operate. No special training required supplied as a complete turnkey package.
  • Economical to run.
  • No backwashing or cleaning cycle required.
  • Reliable discharges below 5ppm oil content.
  • Worldwide support and service.
  • Our separators are approved by ABS, BV, CCS, USCG, RMRS, MED, and comply with DNV’s 5ppm CLEAN-DESIGN notation.
  • High quality separation is achieved with a three-stage separation process. This involves a hydrophobic high viscosity removal system (Hi-VOR system), an oleophilic coalescing filter element and an adsorption granular media polishing unit (AGM filtration).

Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

Victor Marine’s FBBR Series (Fixed Bed Biofilm Reactor) Biological Sewage Treatment Plant has been developed using the extremely well proven and compact fixed biofilm technology.

The system has been approved to the latest IMO standard MEPC 227(64) (excluding section 4.2) and MEPC 159(55) and also certified by BV to EC MED Mod B+D. It is a three-stage sewage treatment system which can process from a gravity or vacuum feed. Supplied with the latest touch-screen HMI display and PLC, the plant can be easily monitored and controlled making the system very operator friendly.